School overview


St Dominic’s Primary School, Broadmeadows, first opened in February 1959 when 200 children commenced their education under the care of two teachers. The Sisters of St Joseph originally donated the land on which the school and church are built and have had a great deal of influence in the school’s development. Rapid population expansion in the 1960s forced St Dominic’s to grow to nearly 1000 students. St Dominic’s remained a large school catering for the many cultural groups who moved into the area. St Dominic’s is rich in diversity and has a current school population  of around 260 children.

School Description

St. Dominic’s is an attractive vibrant school that offers a safe, high quality education for all its students. The student population is made up of some 23 different nationalities, and 92% of students have a language background other than English. This diversity of cultures is enriching for our school as we actively promote respect, tolerance and inclusion.

St Dominic’s is divided into various learning areas (classrooms) a staff resources/preparation room and an Administration Block. The learning areas comprise eleven classrooms, various areas for small group work and a Hall which provides a  stage, basketball, volleyball, netball, badminton, and kitchen facilities.

  • Our STEAM room has been constructed and will provide students with access to modern facilities to assist with learning in the areas of Science, Technology, Education, The Arts and Mathematics. Stay tuned for more details!

Special Features

  • We recognise the importance of receiving a Catholic education for families, and we encourage our families to actively promote their faith in the community.

  • A vibrant, multicultural  and inclusive community that promotes tolerance and respect for all.

  • A dedicated staff, who, under the direction of the Principal work together to provide a safe and secure learning environment which is stimulating and exciting for students.

  • Attractive and well-maintained grounds including 2 adventure playgrounds, basketball/netball court, cricket pitch , all-weather soccer field and athletic track , 2 tennis courts and a passive play area.

  • Extra curricular activities including private music lessons, After school Kelly Sports, Learning Club and Breakfast Club.

  • St Dominic’s is an active member of the community and believes in the power of building relationships with families and local agencies accessed through the Community Learning Hub.

  • Our children are very proud to be seen and known as students of St Dominic’s and are encouraged to make connections and links with the wider community.